About us

A law firm with tradition.


Throughout its varied 20-year history, the law firm has been confronted with numerous challenges, by solving which we acquired many experiences to help solve our clients’ complex legal problems on a daily basis. The company as it exists today is the fruit of hard work, with the most important result being many satisfied clients we have represented in our various fields of law throughout our work.



Our story began on the first of January in the year 2000, on Dvoržakova street 6 in Ljubljana. The founding partners moved the office in the month of May of the same year to Tržaška street 365, and then to Tržaška street 216a in the year 2006.
From the very beginning, our experts have worked in and represented essentially every area of the law, with the most notable successes being achieved in the field of insurance and compensation law.
In 2010, a partner left the company and the present Law firm Krapenc and Attorneys was formed. With the start of the new company, the team continues and complements its professionalism, successful tradition and clearly defined path, in which professional and efficient service, trust and satisfaction of our customers are our main priority.


Achieving effective solutions with confidence.

Modus operandi


The foundation on which we built our success story is the trust of our customers. We represent both individuals and leading companies in Slovenia and elsewhere, recognising that each client’s case is a story for itself. We pay a lot of attention to customer contact and individual treatment.
Our team is currently comprised of four legal experts, two of which are attorneys who are available to their clients at all times. Our main guideline is to provide prompt and professional advice to our clients in order to avoid litigation and associated costs. If this is not possible, we represent our clients in top quality and committed manner before the courts and other bodies. With larger and more complex legal problems our law firm cooperates with renowned domestic and foreign experts, with the aim to do our job even better quality and to increase the probability of final success.